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Leptinella pusilla, is a small, creeping perennial plant. 



  • Size: Leptinella pusilla is a tiny plant, usually growing only a few centimeters tall, with a spread of up to 30 centimeters.
  • Leaves: The small, fern-like leaves are bright green and have a delicate, feathery appearance. The leaves are often finely divided and arranged in a rosette pattern.
  • Flowers: The plant produces small, inconspicuous greenish flowers, which are not the main ornamental feature of this plant.
  • Overall Appearance: When grown in a dense carpet-like mat, the plant creates a charming ground cover, resembling a miniature fern or moss.


Growing Conditions:


  • Sunlight: Leptinella pusilla thrives in partial shade to full sun. In warmer climates, it benefits from some afternoon shade to protect it from intense heat.
  • Soil: This plant prefers well-draining, sandy, or loamy soil. It can tolerate poor soils and a wide pH range, but good drainage is essential to prevent waterlogged conditions.
  • Watering: It has moderate water needs and prefers evenly moist soil. Avoid overwatering, as this plant is susceptible to root rot in overly wet conditions.
  • Temperature: Leptinella pusilla is best suited for temperate climates with mild winters. It can tolerate light frost, but prolonged freezing temperatures may damage the foliage.
  • Maintenance: Leptinella pusilla is a low-maintenance plant and requires minimal care once established. Regularly removing any dead or discolored foliage can help maintain its appearance.


Leptinella pusilla is an excellent choice for rock gardens, borders, and between stepping stones, where its low-growing, mat-forming habit creates an attractive ground cover. Its unique texture and vibrant green color make it a charming addition to various landscape designs.

Leptinella pusilla

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